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Pelvic floor, running and continence with Dr. Monika Leitner

Pelvic floor, running and continence with Dr. Monika Leitner

August 30, 2019

Lecturer, researcher and physiotherapy clinician, Dr. Monika Leitner, discusses her research on pelvic floor muscle activity and pelvic floor kinematics in continent and incontinent women during running. Julie Wiebe, who has been on the podcast before, was meant to join us but I gave her the wrong date and time (face palm)!

Monika Leitner, PT, is a lecturer, researcher and clinician. She graduated in physiotherapy in 1989 at the University Hospital Graz (Austria). Since then she has been working in Switzerland at medical centers, hospitals and in own physiotherapy clinic. She completed a Master in Advanced Studies in Health and Fitness and a Master of Science in Sports physiotherapy. She works as a lecturer in the bachelor physiotherapy program at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. She has finished her PhD on the pelvic floor at the Graduate School of Health Sciences of the Bern University. Her research work focusses on the dynamic function of the pelvic floor muscles, and she is devoted to contributing to women's health, particularly to the topic of physical activity and urinary continence. In her clinical work she is focusing on pelvic floor rehabilitation and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.


Libido Love with Sexologist Lauren White

Libido Love with Sexologist Lauren White

August 19, 2019

Lauren White, Sexologist, joins me in this episode to talk about libido and how as a sexologist she can help women who feel they have little to no libido. She talks about what sex therapy can involve and how she helps to empower women. I hope you enjoy this episode and please share!

Lauren White

Social Media: @laurenwhiteau (both Instagram and FB)




Research on strenuous exercise and pelvic floor with Dr Monique Middlekauff

Research on strenuous exercise and pelvic floor with Dr Monique Middlekauff

August 2, 2019

I am joined by the first author of one of my favourite research papers: The impact of acute and chronic strenuous exercise on pelvic floor muscle strength and support in healthy nulliparous women.

Dr Monique Middlekauff (Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Higher Education Teaching Specialist, and former volleyball athlete) joins me to discuss details of this study, including her amazing team Drs. Marlene Egger, Janet Shaw, and Ingrid Nygaard. 

We talk about specifics of this study which looked at women doing CrossFit compared to women walking for exercise, the fun of her PhD and running this study, her online work, and her love and passion in helping people (you cannot miss the passion in her voice!).

Links (also highlighted in text above):

Instagram: @exerciseandsportscience

Fitness for Us  Instagram:@fitnessforus_monique

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