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The language of pelvic pain with Dr Susan Evans

July 19, 2019

Dr Susan Evans is a gynaecologist, pain medicine physician, researcher, educator and chairperson of the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia.

Today she shares some interesting, new findings from her latest research project on the language of pelvic pain in which she is working on with Eleanor Schofield and Professor Roly Sussex. She discusses the study, some findings thus far and implications for all clinicians in understanding pelvic pain.

Thank you to the episode's sponsor, Sue Croft - physiotherapist and author of Pelvic Floor Essentials and Pelvic Floor Recovery: Physiotherapy for Gynaecological and Colorectal Repair Surgery

Other links from our discussion today (also see underlined links above):


Alyra Biotech - Dr. Evans' company (founder and director) to develop new treatments for pelvic pain


Body in Mind article on this study

Woofties - ABC radio

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