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Hormones, exercise and bone health with Dr Jacky Forsyth

February 15, 2019

Associated Professor of exercise physiology at Staffordshire University, UK, Dr. Jacky Forsyth, is a prominent researcher and speaker in the area of women’s exercise and health. Her research is centred on the interactive effect of ovarian hormones, exercise, and bone - which is what we discuss today on this episode.

One of her research priorities is to promote, raise awareness, and advance understanding of the key influences that impact the exercising female. She is vice chair of the Women in Sport and Exercise Academic Network (WISEAN), the aim of which is ‘To grow, strengthen, and promote research on women in sport and exercise, with the ultimate goal of optimising women’s athletic success and their participation’. Jacky publishes regularly in peer-reviewed journals in her field.


Women in Sport and Exercise Conference 2019

The Exercising Female; Science and it's Application, 1st ed.

Published articles by Jacky


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