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CrossFit and Pelvic Health Considerations in Pregnancy

October 11, 2019

Pelvic floor physiotherapist and CrossFit coach, Candice Lamb, joins me to discuss CrossFit during pregnancy. Should women who are pregnant continue to participate? What do you tell pregnant women who are doing CrossFit? Should they stop because of harm to pelvic floor and abdominal muscles? Regardless of our biased backgrounds, it's a great listen for everyone. 


Candice is a Physiotherapist working in Continence and Women’s Health in private practice as well as a CrossFit Coach and wannabe CrossFit athlete at CrossFit Contessa, an all female CrossFit gym on the Sunshine Coast.

She is incredibly passionate about the effect that exercise, in particular CrossFit, has on women both physically and mentally throughout their life stages. She loves educating fellow health professionals about the sport of fitness, to help them empower their patients to continue exercising (modified as needed of course) through whatever life throws at them – be it injury, pelvic floor dysfunction or pregnancy.

CrossFit Journal Pregnancy Scaling Guide

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